Principles of intake of Water according to Ayurveda

2parts of stomach should be filled with Solid foods, 1 part by liquids and 1part should be kept Empty for air.

Duration of Digestion of Water

A) Normal water and cold water: 6hours

B) Boiled water and Cooled water: 3hours

C) Boiled and warm water: 1.30hours

Effect of Drinking water with respect to meals (Jalaphana Phala)

A) Healthy habit (Drinking water in between meals)

B) Causes obesity (Drinking after meals)

C) Causes weakness and emaciation (Drinking water before meals)

Tastes of water

1.Madhura rasa (Sweet)

2.Amla rasa (Sour)

3.Lavana rasa (Salty)

4.Katu rasa (Pungent)

5.Tikta rasa (Bitter)

6.kashaya rasa (Astringent)


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