Increase Haemoglobin Naturally

Natural Ways to INCREASE HAEMOGLOBIN (Follow any 3)


  1. Beetroot <1/2piece> = morning and night before food for 21days.

  2. Yogurt <1/2cup> + Turmeric <5pinch> = once daily after food or before food for 21days.

  3. Honey <1tsp honey> + Lemon juice<1tsp> =mix both & take morning & night before food for 21 days.

  4. Black sesame seeds powder <1/4tsp> + water <1glass> = once daily before or after food for 21 days.

  5. Drumstick leaves juice <2tsp> + Honey <1/2tsp> = once daily morning or night before food for 21 days.

NOTE:  Above Mentioned Formulation should be taken along with your DOCTOR prescribed treatment.


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